South Shore Moves!™ is a wellness program through the Community Benefits and Human Resources Departments of South Shore Health System in partnership with A Healthy Balance, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions
You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!   
How do I earn points?
Earn points through exercising, starting healthy habits, taking on our weekly fitness challenges, and participating in challenge programs. Get the details here.

How do I add points for activities and for exercise? 
Be sure you are logged in to Click the green "Track Activity" button at the top of the page.  On the right side you can track your exercise and on the left side you can track program activities like: Mover Meet-Ups, Fitness Forums, Facebook Challenges and Speed Coaching, and Get Healthy on Your Own (including gym memberships, health professionals, and community events). 

It won't let me enter my points, why?
Make sure you have completed your initial survey, found at the bottom of the page.

I entered the wrong date, how do I change it?
The system allows participants to edit and delete their own points. Go to "My Points" page and change the date or length of time, or delete the activity/exercise all together.

Where can I find my Total Points?
You can find your total challenge points at the top of the “My Points” page. This includes events, challenge programs and exercise.

What does the green bar labeled "Exercise Points this week" at the top of the “My Points” page do?
The green bar tracks your weekly exercise points to show you how close you are to reaching the minimum of 150 minutes (15 points) of physical activity each week. This resets each week, but your total points will add cumulatively throughout the challenge.

How do I know when the challenge-based activities such as webinars and Fitness Forums are offered?  
Check the calendar page to see the challenge schedule. We’ll update that with the dates and times for challenge wide events and programs.

Why don’t I get more points for working out more intensely?
South Shore Moves! is all about moving! We do not intend to discourage any who may be just starting out on their fitness journey. However, we applaud you for having the drive to workout harder and hope you’ll share that motivation with others!  

Does my active job count towards challenge points?
One goal of the challenge is to get people moving more than they were previously. So, unfortunately your day to day job does not count towards challenge points. However, remember that lunch breaks are a great time to earn points. Get up and get moving!

What counts as exercise?

Any activity that you "intentionally" do to exercise can count towards your 150 minutes.

When are the points calculated? 
The weekly points are calculated Monday through Sunday. Be sure to be log all of your points for the previous week by 9:00 a.m. on Monday. Points entered after Monday at 9:00 a.m. will still count towards your cumulative point totals but may not appear in the standings announcement. 

Why are there points in the portal even though the challenge hasn't begun?
New users are just testing things out. All points will be set to "0" just before the challenge begins.

What if I use a fitbit or other activity tracker?
That's great! just make sure you are logging at least 10 minutes of "intentional" activity so that it counts towards challenge points.