South Shore Moves!™ is a wellness program through the Community Benefits and Human Resources Departments of South Shore Health System in partnership with A Healthy Balance, Inc.

Spring 2017 Winners!

Top Organization- by averaged points per mover

Pbs Learning Institute

Top Team- by averaged points per mover

SSHS Team Believe


Top Movers- by total points

PbS- Kim Godfrey

SSHS- Linda Murphy

SSMC- Ashley Meehan

SBCS- Janelle St Charles

Flexcon- Richard MacDonald

QCU- Christine Tobin

Gragil- Kevin Dillon

Town of Braintree- Karen Shanley

Mats Inc- Ben Greene

NFP- Thomas Allen

WATD- Bob Dee


Most Motivating Mover- by Vote

Harbor House- Kristen Welch

NFP- Gina Julian and Arianna Hibbard

Mats Inc- Kelly Brown

Gragil- Lorraine Downey

Flexcon- Richard MacDonald

SSMS- Kristen Esson

SSHS- Graham Williams

SBSC- Fatimah Finney


Bonus Challenge Winners- by raffle

SSMC- Bonnie Marino

SSHS- Kathleen Mooney

SBSC- Janelle St Charles

QCU- Patricia Balsamo

Town of Braintree- Dianne Donovan 

NFP- Beth Sullivan

PbS- Patricia Rafferty


Move! It workout Raffle winner

Julene Joseph from Mats Inc